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A wealth of social issues such as climate change, globalisation, the transformation of the energy system and legal and regulatory changes continue to pose major challenges to the real economy and in particular the financial sector. To overcome these challenges, it is often necessary to adjust corporate strategy and the business focus. In facing today’s issues, the main question arising is what role a company’s corporate social responsibility can and should play in business decisions. For BayernLB the answer to that question is clear: Ongoing economic success is closely linked to corporate management’s commitment to sustainability. BayernLB and its predecessors – whose achievements include supporting Bavaria in becoming a modern industrial state – have worked on this principle since 1884.

Sustainable financial solutions

The wide variety of activities in the social and environmental sectors would be cancelled out if sustainability aspects were not also systematically taken into account on the product side. Since the impact of Banks on society is determined to a large extent by their market activities. Banks therefore have a particular responsibility to consider environmental and social aspects also with respect to their products. Banks can and must make a significant contribution to promoting a sustainable society by offering sustainable products and services. In BayernLB’s opinion, sustainable financial solutions have the following characteristics: At first they generate funds for companies and projects that operate sustainably or are conducive to a sustainable society. Furthermore they finance companies and projects which contribute to combating social challenges such as resource and housing shortages. And in the end they comply with ecological, social and ethical standards for minimising the negative impacts on society. more

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